5 Tips for Hiring a Tree Removal Service

In this era of environmental awareness and the green movement, cutting down trees would seem like the most unlikely thing to do right? Well, truth be told, sometimes it is the only option. This is especially so if the tree poses a risk to your life, the lives of others and even your property. However, tree removal can be quite a risky and hazardous undertaking hence the need to hire a professional tree service provider. However, choosing the right tree service is a delicate task that must be handled with absolute care.

1. Legitimacy

This is by far one of the most important things to consider before hiring a tree service. Believe it or not, hiring just about anyone with a chainsaw on the account of trying to save some money can end up being an extremely costly mistake. The danger associated with tree work makes it imperative to hire a service that is not only licensed but also has insurance. Do not just take their word for it either, make sure to get proof of insurance and proof of the business license. That way, you are assured that in case of any damage to your property, there is cover and most importantly, you are assured that any company employees injured while on the job are covered. Also consider asking for referrals and references. Any legitimate company will be more than ready to supply you with these.

2. The Equipment Used

It is extremely important to inquire about the equipment that the company intends to use for the tree removal. The truth is that some jobs may require specialized equipment’s which some companies may not have. What’s more, the last thing you need is incurring unnecessary losses from collateral damage caused by heavy equipmen This is especially so if the tree poses a risk to your life, the lives of others and even your property.

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3. Demand for a written estimate

Some companies tend to charge clients for services that they didn’t need. To avoid this and to avoid any other hidden costs that the tree service may bring up, it is essential to demand for a written and detailed estimate of just how much the service will cost. To make sure you are getting value for your money, make sure to compare the estimates of different companies offering similar services.Call us in and we will prune and trim your trees. Often, it is better to rely on our professional expert services instead of turning the project into a DIY task.

4. Safety Gear

Tree removal is a risky job that poses a huge risk to both property and human life. Because of this, make sure that the company’s employees wear adequate and appropriate safety gear. These include appropriate helmets (those with face shields), glasses/goggles to protect their eyes and appropriate boots. Even the gear used to do the work should be optimized for safety. Keep in mind that professional tree services do not use ladders or normal ropes; they use highly specialized arborist equipment.

5. Professionalism and Training

It is one thing to be a licensed and insured company but an entirely different thing to hire qualified and well trained employees. Tree Removals is not something that is done by any Tom, Dick and Harry. On the contrary, the service requires highly trained individuals with good experience. One only needs to research on the kinds of accidents that have occurred from tree works to understand this. Be on the safe side and hire a service that hires highly skilled and highly experienced employees.

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