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Trees are one of nature’s miracles. Not for nothing were thickly wooded groves considered sacred spaces by our ancestors. Being in the presence of trees is uplifting to the spirit – as has recently been proved by environmental psychologists. Just having bare wood in your home can bring a sense of warmth and homeliness to an otherwise cold space. However, there are times when we wish that we could just move trees so that they don’t block our precious sunlight, or because they are obscuring a wonderful view. Just like roses, trees often take great benefit from careful pruning and trimming.There are a number of possible reasons for having a tree looked at by a professional. The first, and perhaps most important, is that a professional can see if there is any damage to the tree from lightning strikes, storm damage, or disease. Dead branches, or those that have become unattached or loose, can pose a genuine threat to people living near the tree. It is important therefore that such things are removed before they can fall and damage people or property.

Another reason for trimming a tree can be that the crown of the tree has become overgrown. In this case, careful pruning can improve the overall health of the tree, allowing new growth, and greater air circulation among its leaves and branches. This is a procedure that is almost always best tackled by professionals, who not only know the best way to trim certain trees, but also have all the specialized equipment and training required to work at height. They also know how to dispose of any unwanted branches safely and effectively. If a tree is obscuring a favorite view, sometimes thinning the crown can be all that is needed to both improve the visibility and encourage the healthy growth of the tree.

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There are times when simple ‘crown thinning’ is simply not sufficient, and in this case you may want to consider actually reducing the height of the tree. Again, depending on the height of the tree, this is almost certainly a job for professional tree surgeons, for obvious reasons. Taking heavy branches from the very top of a tree and getting them safely to the ground is not something that even the enthusiastic amateur should ever try to tackle alone.

It is quite amazing how much can be done in this area. Broadly, there are a number of different ways to ‘re-shape’ a tree. Sometimes all that is required is that the low-level branches be removed, to provide a more open but shaded area beneath the tree. In other cases, such as in mature ornamental gardens, a combination of high and low-level trimming and pruning can be employed to encourage the tree to grow into a pleasing shape that complements the garden as a whole.

The best time to have work done on a tree is during late fall or in winter, in what is known as the dormant season. Heavy Prunning will affect the health of a tree. You can minimize the stress on the tree by acting at this time, as it will minimize sap loss during the procedure. It is almost always worth at least getting professional advice, since it is possible to actually kill a tree if short-cuts are taken. Professionals know how to improve conditions for you whilst still preserving the life and well being of the tree itself.

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