cutting down trees

When you should remove a tree

It can be an emotional endeavour when it comes to having to remove a tree from your lawn. Because of the fact that trees have long lifespans, they can live between fifty to thousands of years, they become a part of the the neighbourhood and many residence value the tree even if it isn’t on their own property. Though trees can have benefits for emotions, mental and physical, they are also possible safety hazards as well, and for this reason it’s important to know when they are. Eventually , all trees will become too dangerous due to age to remain on a property, particularly when there are homes near and around them. If there is a tree that has raised some concern for you, and you are considering removing it, here are some things you can ponder prior to making a decision.

How healthy is your tree actually?

This is single handedly the most important factor in figuring out if the tree is necessary to remove or not. There are a few signs that are indicators of poor health, these include stunted growth, peculiar shaped tree or leaves. In cases where more than half of a tree appears to be discoloured, damaged or just different looking, this is often reason to remove a tree. To be absolutely certain that a tree has irreparable damage, it’s recommended having a certified arborist come and inspect it

How is the trunks health?

Coupled with overall health, the health of a trees trunk on its own can tell you a lot about how the trees health is. A good example of this, is if the trunk has cavities or cracks along with any open wounds to the trunk or dead branches, all these can be indicators of a volatile tree that can topple over at any moment, putting anything and anyone nearby in danger. Also, a telltale thing to look for if a tree needs to be removed, is if it has hollowed out. When a trunk is hollow, the trees structural integrity is compromised, and it is far less sturdy and runs the risk of falling over. Often this trauma to the tree trunk will cause extensive damage, and it will deteriorate over time.

cutting down trees

Are the roots of the tree in good health?

Or are they damaged? When considering the overall health of a tree, and wether its necessary to be removed, the base of the tree is also a good place to look for tree health. If the roots happen to be damaged or rotting, the tree is in jeopardy of falling because of lack of support. Another thing to look for structural integrity is the area between the ground and the tree. If you see a lean in the tree, it can mean that the respective side has root issues, and they can’t keep it firmly on the ground. Whenever you see a case like this, you want to have the tree removed as soon as possible.

Are there smaller branches sprouting out at the base of the tree?

Though they may look appealing, this is definitely a sign that the tree is in bad health. These sprouts occur after the tree has been under serious stress. Some of these causes can be :
– injury incurred from construction
– excavation
– too much sun
– compacting soil

This doesn’t always entail removing the tree, but bringing an arborist over to inspect it, isn’t a bad idea. When you are looking at the trunk for small branches and new sprouts, you should also have fungus and rot on your radar. If you can detect fungus on the tree, there could be a more serious rot issue on the inside. In this case, your best bet is removing the tree as soon as possible.

Is the tree located beneath hydro lines?

Having a tree that is directly under city electrical lines, is another good reason to have it professionally removed, especially if the tree is still growing. There are cases where a growing tree can have its branches pruned and thinned out, however it is a lot easier to have the whole tree removed completely. Do not attempt to remove any branches that are too close to the lines on your own, touching the lines by accident can be fatal. When you higher a professional to either clean up the branches or remove the tree, you are ensuring your safety.

Are there a lot of dead branches?

If you notice a large amount of dead branches closer to the top of the tree, they are potential hazards to you and your neighbouring homes. Learn about the cost related to tree removal. Making the decision to remove a tree is never easy. Taking proper care of your trees can help, if all else fails, be sure to consult with a professional.

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